Choosing California Auto Insurance Deductibles

November 22, 2010


When purchasing auto insurance, one of the most important factors to consider is deciding which deductibles provide the best value for your particular situation.  Choosing your deductible’s wisely can save you thousands of dollars over your driving career.  In this article, we’ll evaluate some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing auto insurance deductibles, […]

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California Commercial Insurance: Claims Made vs. Occurrence Policy’s

November 16, 2010


One of the most important considerations to keep in mind when purchasing commercial insurance is deciding whether a “claims-made” or “occurrence” policy makes the most sense for your particular business.  Every business is unique in regards to potential risks that may arise out of normal business operations.  Identifying what those risks are and when they are likely to arise […]

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What Is Co-Insurance On My California Commercial Property Policy?

November 5, 2010


Most California commercial property insurance contains a provision for co-insurance and in the event of a severe loss, it’s arguably the most important feature of your insurance policy.  Co-insurance is a provision of commercial property insurance that imposes a penalty on the insured when, in the event of a loss, the insured failed to purchase the minimum amount of […]

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Real Estate Insights- Barbra Fink On The Benefits Of Folsom Living

November 4, 2010


Deciding where to buy a home, especially a first home, can be a very difficult decision.  The area you choose will likely have a large impact on your family’s quality of life for years to come.  If you have not yet settled on an area, you may want to consider Folsom, California.  We sat down […]

When Is Workers Compensation Insurance Required In California?

October 31, 2010


Operating a small business in California can be a very challenging and confusing  experience because of California’s complex legal code.  While there are many legal requirements small business owners will want to become acquainted and compliant with, understanding California’s workers compensation insurance requirements should be a top priority.  According to the California Labor Code, failure to comply with the state’s workers compensation […]

Schaedler Insurance Providing Child ID Kits Saturday, October 30th At The Overlook On Blue Ravine In Folsom, CA

October 30, 2010


Come join Schaedler Insurance at the Overlook on Blue Ravine in Folsom for Tenant Appreciation Day Saturday, October 30th from 12:00-3:00.  We’ll have snacks and drinks to celebrate the Halloween weekend and we’ll be providing child identification kits for the kids.  While its something no parent wants to go through, these kits are the first step in the Amber […]

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Real Estate Insights- Market Trends With Pamela Palmer of El Dorado Hills

October 27, 2010


Recent fluctuations in the housing market have made buying a home an experience filled with uncertainty.  Fortunately, we can rely on  seasoned professional realtors like Pamela Palmer of El Dorado Hills to navigate our current volatile housing market.  Pamela has been a broker for 28 years and she is an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist and an Accredited REO Agent.  […]